Plant Certification

Why Plant Certification?

Plant Certification enables Members of Concrete Sask to provide assurance to their customers that their equipment is in good operating condition and has the capability of producing quality concrete.

The Association offers the “Concrete Production Facilities Certification Program” prepared under the direction of the Concrete Sask Technical Committee. This document is based on the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association (NRMCA) plant certification check list, and the plant certification programs by the Provincial Concrete Associations across Canada as well as the current Canadian Standards Association (CSA) requirements for plant, equipment, and materials.

This document, detailing the requirements for plant certification, provides producers with the means of obtaining a Certificate for display which indicates that the plant, because it has the proper equipment, in good operating condition, has the capability of producing quality concrete.

When applying for Plant Certification, the Applicant acknowledges and agrees that multiple factors apply to the manufacturing of good quality Concrete. Concrete Sask provides no assurance that a plant that is certified in accordance with the Program will deliver good quality Concrete. The Certificate is intended only to evidence that certain manufacturing plant capabilities exist.

NEW!!! Notice of Change for Plant Certification

Delivery Ticket Requirements

CSA Standard A23.1, updated in 2014, included changes to the reporting requirements on the delivery batch ticket.

Information regarding the additional reporting requirements has been communicated to producermembers.

Clause has been changed to include additional records on batch delivery tickets.

Previously, the majority of the information indicated in Clause has been incorporated on batch delivery tickets, the additional information required includes:

a) identification of the truck driver;
b) to add information, if available:
c) time when field testing commenced;
d) name of testing and inspection company and on-site personnel performing the inspection;
e) location of test; and
f) slump or slump flow and air content test results.

Povide assurance to their customers that their equipment is in good operating condition

Concrete Saskatchewan is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of industry professionals, representing small and large companies across the entire province.

The Association is active in several areas of the construction industry including ongoing partnerships with government, stakeholders, designers, engineers,  architects, and trade associations.

Concrete Saskatchewan’s objective is to promote the use of concrete and best practice amongst membership to produce concrete in accordance with the highest quality standards. We are focused on facilitating relationships among members and industry to strengthen our roots as a unified voice and promote concrete as the building material of choice.

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