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Concrete Sask


Concrete Saskatchewan is governed by a Board of Directors from within the industry, which represents small and large companies reaching all parts of the province.

The Association is active in a number of areas of the industry including ongoing partnerships with many industry partners.

Concrete Saskatchewan’s objective is to promote the use of high-quality concrete and to continually strive to improve all aspects of the industry so that the concrete produced by its members remains the highest quality

Concrete Saskatchewan provides Producer, Associate, and Affiliate Members the opportunity to come together and interact.  Whether your interest is for business and/or social reasons, the Association is here to facilitate relationships among members and industry to strengthen our roots as a unified voice, and to promote concrete as the building material of choice.


Through industry advocacy, education, and technical services, with a focus on safety and environmental sustainability, our primary goal for product promotion is to relay the advantages of concrete as the preferred building material of choice. We want to ensure we have a unified message for specifiers, project stakeholders, and industry professionals.

We are focused on concrete as a product – not one specific construction system.


  • Connect & engage with industry professionals at various events, meetings, & training annually
  • Build a close relationship between the ready mixed concrete producer, its suppliers, & customers
  • Join a committee to grow your network and develop industry relationships that last a lifetime while supporting the betterment of the industry
  • Gain access to a network of problem-solvers to collectively tackle industry challenges and get results Gain visibility through online business directory & social media platforms
  • Stay ahead of the curve with industry education and training at discounted member rates

Stay ahead of the curve with industry education and training at discounted member rates