Concrete is safe

Concrete provides excellent fire resistance. It offers property protection, environmental protection and most importantly, life and safety protection. Building users, owners, businesses, residents, insurers, regulators and firefighters benefit by using concrete, the best construction material.

  • Concrete does not burn and stops fire spreading.
  • Concrete is an effective fire shield, providing safe means of escape for occupants and protection for firefighters.
  • Concrete does not produce any smoke or toxic gases and does not drip molten particles, which can spread fire.
  • Concrete produces built-in protection - there is normally no need for additional measures.
  • Concrete can resist extreme fire conditions, making it ideal for storage premises with a high fiber load.
  • Concrete's robustness in fire facilitates firefighting and reduces the risk of structural collapse.
  • Concrete is easy to repair after a fire and is not affected by the water used to extinguish the fire.
  • Concrete pavement stands up to the extreme fire conditions encountered in tunnels.

To find out more about concrete's performance in fire, view the Fire Protection and Safety with Concrete publication prepared by the Irish Concrete Federation. The paper presents the latest thinking on fire protection and highlights the inherent benefits of concrete, the most popular construction material on earth.

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